Saturday, December 25, 2010

... we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a broken leg too...

I haven't written a post in quite some time, but I have excuses, trust me! Not only have we been busy with the constant running around that is inevitable this season, but ever since Thanksgiving, life has been exceptionally crazy. We spent the day giving thanks in Virginia with my side of the family at my sisters house. By the time we came back home to Delaware from there, we had about three weeks to catch up on life, and we ran out of time. Before we knew it, we were spending nights up Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and cleaning the house. We stole some time to get our Christmas tree, but didn't get a chance to light it until a week later. And even then, we only got to enjoy it for about two nights since we were soon off to NYC. Bummer, huh?

NYC was wonderful, as always, until about 5:30 pm on Tuesday night. The day before was spent at the filming of The Nate Show. It was an awesome experience, and we just love his show. We went back to my sister-in-laws place in Manhattan to relax for the night playing games. Tuesday was supposed to be our night out on the town. We planned to go ice skating, see the tree in Rockefeller Center, go tour the windows at Macy's, and have a wonderful magical time.

We got as far as ice skating. Specifically, two times around the rink, when our fun stopped us right in our tracks. Some anonymous girl, who will never realize what her short attention span caused us, slammed into Chad when she was staring behind her at her boyfriend, and knocked Chad over onto the ice. We thought his ankle was dislocated, and then perhaps broken. Once the ambulance went screaming through the packed streets of NYC at Christmastime and we arrived at the hospital, we learned Chad had actually broken his LEG and tore two ligaments in his ankle and needs surgery.

I know, Merry Christmas, right?

Everything happens for a reason. I believe that God is always trying to teach us something that will enable us to become more like the loving people He desires us to be. And while most would think this accident couldn't have come at a worse time, it actually had perfect timing. And really, because of medical insurance and work purposes, this actually couldn't have come at a BETTER time. He is so good at that, isn't he? Reason one to thank God in all circumstances.

While my husband sleeps quietly beside me, I am reminded that HE IS STILL HERE WITH ME. This could have been much worse if he hit his head, but He didn't, because God protected him and helped break his fall. I just learned of a murder suicide that happened recently in a friends neighborhood, and I can't imagine what those families are going through. I'm sure they would give anything for their loved one to have a broken leg and still be living rather than not, so who are we to complain? I am blessed with another evening, another CHRISTMAS, to spend with my husband. Reason two to thank God in all circumstances.

For the next week or two we will be staying at my brother-in-law's house in Pennsylvania. We have a warm bed, food on the table, and laughter and joy that surrounds us here. The basement is packed with nieces and nephews, having fun and doing what nieces and nephews do. And while the soft light of the Christmas tree stands between us and the frigid outdoors, I can't help but dwell on Christ, and what He gave, so He can be the One to stand between us and the pain of the world. Reason three to thank God in all circumstances.

Perhaps our Christmas this year will be more of a challenge than a time of rest, more about serving others than being served ourself,  or perhaps things won't go exactly how we wanted them to... I will be comforted in knowing that my Christmas this year is starting to resemble the entire life of who this season is all about, and maybe all our Christmas's should start looking a little more like that each year.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

PS- Pictures of our adventures coming soon. : )

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  1. Stacey you are so positive! Stay that way- I'm sure it helps Chad get through everything he has to face day to day. And don't worry, winter's not over; there's plenty more time for ice skating!